China Desk

China Desk

Typically, our China Desk addresses Chinese business owners and executives looking to enter the German-speaking market for the first time or intending to grow their German-speaking operations.

We help you to participate in the global paradigm shift from “Made in China” towards “Made for China”. This transformational macro trend implies that Chinese companies are now actively expanding their once domestic production base to European countries such as Germany via acquistions in order to ultimately export goods and services from Europe to China.

Our broad experience and proven expertise delivers value throughout the Sino-German targeting and investment process. We help you to manage the intrinsic challenges of strategic actions and investments in German-speaking countries as well as their neighboring countries.


We deliver clear-cut value all the way from the early planning stage to the execution stage and due diligence to integration stage Thereby, we enable our international clients to successfully navigate through German-speaking markets and their neighboring countries.

Our professional team is committed to helping Chinese enterprises become genuine global players on the German-speaking economic scene. Our services are uniquely tailored to each engagement in order to suit your corporate strategy and targeting requirements as well as possible.

We are experts in bringing together essential “know-how” and “do-how” elements in the context of Sino-German M&A transactions:

  • M&A experts: Seasoned corporate finance specialists with strong focus on international M&A advisory
  • Marketmaker in Germany: We bring together “know-how” and “do-how”
  • Deal structuring: Proven deal structuring expertise with a holistic approach towards tax, legal and financial aspects
  • Internationality: Proven cultural expertise and language skills for both Germany and China

Our Approach


We lead challenging international M&A processes and support our clients comprehensively from day one. Our single-source deal advisory services include the setup of a takeover strategy, identification of suitable investment targets, transaction structuring (legally and tax optimized), all necessary due diligence actions (commercial, financial, tax and legal) as well as post-merger implementation advisory.

While doing so, we put a strong emphasis on a stringent and transparent communication between all parties involved. Furthermore, we strive to establish mutual confidence and trust between the target and acquirer in order to avoid integration-related issues after the completion of the transaction.

Our strong network with financial and strategic investors as well as small and medium-sized enterprises ensures unique market intelligence and helps us identify the most attractive targets at an early stage. This results in a real edge within an usually highly competitive bidder environment and generates additional tangible value to our clients.

Falkensteg´s service proposition in a nutshell: Our experienced and interdisciplinary team follows a holistic approach to international M&A. Customers benefit from the unique opportunity to source from a true “one stop shop” with proven expertise in China and Germany.

For more information regarding our service offering and track record, please download our FalkenSteg China Desk overview presentation:




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